ARCO Madrid 2017

  • 22 - 26 February 2017 | Madrid ES

Booth 9G12:

Ángela Cuadra| Juan Duque | Rui Pedro Jorge | Ion Macareno | Nacho Martín Silva

The term “landscape” combines many different meanings and connotations. It may refer to the life conditions of the individual as well as to the ecosystems on which certain production activities take place. To territories explored by different disciplines, or to places that are exploited for different purposes.
The complex layers of meaning embedded in the physical nature of a specific place is the core around which the gallery proposal revolves.
The selected artists examine the effects that publicity, migration, hyper-communication, abundancy and ideology have on the landscapes of the western world. The construction of these landscapes reveals individual and collective stories, giving way to a sort of amalgam which goes to show that landscape, in its broadest sense, is a construction of the mind, a complex projection built upon the ground layers and memory.

 22 – 26 February 2017

IFEMA Feria de Madrid | Hall 9

+ info www.ifema.es

ARCO’17: Galería de imprescindibles. (Miguel Cereceda) ABC Cultural 19.02.2017

 Los artistas de ARCO toman la palabra (II): Ian Waleder, Miren Doiz, Jerónimo Elespe y Ion Macareno nos explican las obra que exponen en la feria. Fernando Díaz de Quijano, El Cultural 24.02.2017


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