ARCO Lisboa 2019

  • May 16th - 19th, 2019 | Lisbon, PT


Raul Hevia – Dos passos

MAY 16th – 19th Lisbon

The city of Lisbon has been invaded in recent years by an overwhelming tourism that has transformed it into a centre of attraction and international leisure, where visitors (thousands per day, at any time of the year) make scheduled tours, arranged visits and take planned photographs of all its hills and monuments, feeding the social networks with the same images of its landscapes again and again.

In these images, yellow is the main colour, present above all at Praça do Comércio, at Terreiro do Paço (the central core of the city, its heart), and the colour with which all the city is identified by extension, in trams, structures and all kinds of constructions and decorative elements, it is the colour which the city it is remembered and that is present in most of those photographs made by its visitors, a dominant colour and possessor or transmitter of the very idea of city and its “saudades”.

Dos Passos is a work that starts from the act of walking as an artistic and aesthetic practice, walking the whole city of Lisbon with an established plan in advance, street by street, neighbourhood by neighbourhood (the city is divided in 24 parishes, which are its current administrative divisions) to remove from its yellow buildings a small sample, a piece of real paint taken directly from the wall.

The walker, the artist, has been counting the steps and kilometres covered in his walks, 24 days, one day by freguesia (parish), and has drawn a map of the yellow colour through all the yellows of Lisbon. A map of the yellow Lisbon. The artist, the walker literally clears the reality of the city to build a new image through this rigorous archive.

What is the identity of a city and how is it built? What makes it unique, different, visitable, photographed, memorable? How do you remember it? What do we take away from her when we leave? All these questions are the starting point of this work that reflects on the place of the other, of the visitor, of the foreigner, of the tourist as a voyeur, also as a thief to a certain extent, as a builder from the fragment.

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