• 25-29 July | Santander
  • Antonio Díaz Grande - Mortis Causa
  • Antonio Díaz Grande - Mortis causa
  • Abrazo (40 años antes), 2015
  • Trampa, 2015
  • Agonía, 2015

Booth 42 | MORTIS CAUSA - Antonio Díaz Grande

MORTIS CAUSA is a Latin expression that defines the legal acts that take effect following the death of a person.

This multidisciplinary project examines concepts such as time, memory, inheritance and legacy from an intimate and personal, yet universal, standpoint. The artist studies the processes of identity construction through the repetition of embroidery patterns which are intervened with layers of paper, and compositions with objects from his personal inheritance or from flee markets (remains from other inheritances), upon which he introduces slight modifications that symbolically suggest the formation of memories.

Seis miradas de excelencia. Gabriel Rodríguez – El Diario Montañés 27.07.2015


Curator’s Talk

Galerías en ArteSantander 2015. Latamuda 16.06.2015

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