• 18 - 21 October 2018 | Madrid ES

News from the Palace


[Solo Project]

October 18th – 21st, 2018

Booth 2A01

News from the Palace is a series of works that consist of letters, images and objects that use irony and a kind of “soft activism” in order to reflect on the mechanisms that perpetuate the continuity of the current increasing economic injustice. The series specifically focuses on the arms industry and the recent events related to the selling of military material to the Saudi Regime. The imagery that articulates the project is based on the paradigm of economic and social inequality perpetuated by the British Crown and other European Royal Families. News from the Palace is composed of a series of digital large size prints on paper of detailed reproductions of documents made in watercolor, graphite, ink and/or gouache. These documents are appropriations, alterations, fictional recreations and/or, exceptionally, authentic documents that have not required any modifications at all.

IFEMA  - PABELLÓN 2. Av. Partenón, 5, 28042 Madrid ES

PRESS: Tania Blanco receives the Prize Comunidad de Madrid-Estampa 2018

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