Estampa 2019

  • October 17th - 20th, 2019 | Madrid, SP
  • Cristina Mejias
  • Ion Macareno, Modulo 01-19

Estampa Contemporary Art Fair [duo project]

The Aesthetics of the Craftsman

Ion Macareno & Cristina Mejías

October 17 th – 20 th, 2019

Madrid, ES


The aesthetics of the craftsman is a conversation between the artworks of Ion Macareno and Cristina Mejías based on the plasticity of the elements used in the creation of these and with special emphasis on the process further development in the studio, where the materials take forms and generate profiles guided by the gestures of the artist.

Taking into account the main differences that society considers in between a craftsman and an artist, this project generates a journey from the initial aesthetics of the materials in their original form without having been modified to the final result turned into a work of art. Both artists move crafts such as wood carving, metal treatment or glass blowing to the highest point: An artistic piece; adding the prevalent aesthetics of the work of art.

These artistic works, aesthetically composed combine the plasticity generated by the materials with the conceptuality of the intrinsic meaning of which they are endowed. The duality of this proposal allows us to get into their practice individually taking into account the creation process, based on those actions that trigger each other and emanate from the plasticity of elements, which in many cases are the ones that govern the final result of the works despite the modification made by the artist.

Mejías’ practice starts from everyday life, where it can be overlapped by Macareno’s interests in the urban, the repetitive and the common. She starts from that point from which she tries to generate unexpected and disconcerting images and elements, for this, she investigates the fictional and the real of the subconscious. With craftsmen predecessors, she maintains a drive to work from the narrative experience from which she reviews the importance of the stories, a drive channelled in various techniques where those carried out in the workshop predominate based on the gesture of the hands, in this way, many of her artworks have a direct relationship with the artisan and the passion of non-fortuitous creation. Macareno instead, directly moves the urban and what goes through his retina to his artworks, generating new environments but not forgetting the materiality of those who have been germ.

Both of them, will present a series of bi and three-dimensional works in the space, through which a conversation based on the plasticity of the elements will be generated.


*craftsman is a word that indicates both genres: craftsman and craftswoman

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