Fuera de sitio (Out of Site)

  • 12 November - 6 January10/11/15
  • Installation view
  • Installation view
  • SOPHIE JUNG. Super Scarab Super Illusion, 2015
  • LEONOR SERRANO RIVAS.  Colección pública, 2014
  • SOPHIE JUNG. Super Scarab Super Illusion, 2015
  • Installation view


Curated by: Paula Lopez Zambrano

Whenever we are in front of an image, we are in front of a moment in time. (…) being in front of the canvas is like being in front of an open door. Nothing is hidden, all we need to do is to enter, but the light within is almost blinding, and so we keep our distance. This same openness holds us back: seeing is desiring, and we wait, face to face with time.

‘History of Art and Anachronism of the Images’

–Georges Didi-Huberman

Art recovers what remains invisible in memory, and awakens memories of experiences that haven’t happen yet. It recreates things we have forgotten and revives desires. It becomes a self-reference, a self-portrait. It becomes a mirror. It makes us remember past and future experiences, which appear in an uncanny way. Art can open windows in time; it shows us a premonition of a non-synthetic past and a memory of an uncertain future.

 ‘Fuera de Sitio’ (Out of Site) reflects on the interpretative and creative possibilities of art when we lose the chronological notion of time; when art objects, creative interventions and aesthetic events are displaced and moved out of their original context and situated in a new temporality. The artworks included in this exhibition also transfer other images and use external material; this is appropriated, re-contextualized, fragmented and re-signified. The sculptures, videos, photographs, installations, performances, texts, gestures and images included in ‘Fuera de Sitio’ (Out of Site) challenge traditional notions of space and time, pointing out the anachronistic experience of exhibitions and contemporary art.

Paula Lopez Zambrano

 Fuera de sitio. SCAN – Spanish Contemporary Art Network 10.11.2015

‘Fuera de sitio’. 5 artistas internacionales en la galería JosédelaFuente. InfoENPUNTO 20.11.2015

Fuera de sitio. Masdearte.com 18.11.2015

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