Faith, Form & Field

  • 15-February-201115/02/11

Marta López Orosa, Ion Macareno, Eduardo Hurtado

FAITH FORM AND FIELD is a programme divided in three exhibition projects. Three artists joined by methods, positioning and lines of investigation will work together with the aim to find a collective tension that includes intuition, error provoked by unconscious will and contradiction. Establishing by this a working context and a transfer of methodological wordings that will deepen in the absorption of authorship.

The unexpected and the castration of freedom in the creative process will be assumed as working tools. To this end, in each individual project there will be a presentation of “trap-pieces”, executed according to a series of strict instructions that each artist will impose on the others. Taking advantage of the intention to avoid the recurrent rationalisation mechanism, emotion will be the motor that activates praxis. The ornamental explanatory facing will never be placed in the transit of fractures, cracks and the collision. This is why it’s this project’s firm intention to construct from the creation of a context, a form and a creed.

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