L de línea – Daniela Libertad

  • 29 September - 11 November27/09/17
  • Ensayo sobre circunferencia 15, 2017
  • Exhibition view
  • Ensayo sobre circunferencia 13 (tres tiempos), 2014
  • Exhibition view
  • Palma, sal, 2013
  • Ensayo sobre circunferencia 2, 2013
  • Exhibition view
  • Rodillo-sobre, 2010
  • Sudadera gris, 2010
  • Das Licht - La luz, 2015
  • Untitled (Alexa) - Wax, 2016. Exhibition view

Let us picture ourselves as a line; we are dots moving in space. Which space? That of the universe, of the paper sheet, of a coma, a pause between the thought and the spoken word, whichever space you prefer dear reader, but picture us in it. You are one and a thousand dots at the same time, vibrating, I am one of those dots and I multiply myself by a thousand as well, let us start the journey.

Simple questions appear, very basic in structure yet sufficiently strong and flexible to resist the shakes of a thinking process. The question sorts things out, it sets up a structure, it supports, it pushes and compels us to focus, and then it embraces.

What will move a dot? When does a line begin? How is a form created?

They accompany my work, the drawing, thousands of lines on a small and shiny surface, graphite dust in the air, dirty hands staining the walls, the video, the objects that become image, time that flies, the plants, the daylight, the sounds, asking, listening, writing, the conversations with Lukas as we have breakfast, mopping the floors in the morning, having black tea and green tea, my purple jacket, the large windows, a wooden table, a high chair, music, notebooks, a time to keep, a time to show, pins, paper, colour pens, beeswax, sleeping and waking up early.

I met an art collector who went through a period of several years during which she was unable to look at pieces containing circles, they would make her feel awkward and she could not stand the sight of them. I was thinking about the line of the circumference, tense all the time, without breaking in an angle to rest a while before hitting the road again; it must be such an exhausting thing to be.

A while back, frightened before the idea of the superficial I asked myself, how do you get to the profound? As if the profound where a place and not a state, so I tried to rephrase the question, how are you the profound? I imagine the profound being proud of its huge distance from anything wanting to go through it, but sad about the inevitable presence of its own depth. The depth is surface as well.

Dear reader, thank you for coming.

Daniela Libertad

September 2017. City of Mexico

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