Musa Banana Projects

  • 7 - 11 July7/07/15
  • Nuria Fuster. One shot to survive, 2015. Installation. / Nacho Martín Silva. Untitled, 2015. Collage
  • Felipe Talo. Conversación metempsicótica, 2015. Installation

Felipe Talo | Nacho Martín Silva | Nuria Fuster | Ubay Murillo | Paco Guillén

JosédelaFuente presents a site specific project in collaboration with MUSABANANAPROJECTS (Berlin)

A collaborative project with MUSABANANAPROJECTS (a collective of Spanish artists and one curator living in Berlin) took place this year within the JosédelaFuente gallery’s off site programme. It began in May with a side project to Orbital Projects III, with the works by five Spanish artists in the studios of Ubay Murillo and Felipe Talo at MUSABANANAPROJECTS.

Now, this project is presented for the first time in Spain, and with the same artists who intervened in Berlin: Nuria Fuster (Alcoi, 1978), Paco Guillén (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1974), Nacho Martín Silva (Madrid 1977), Ubay Murillo (Tenerife, 1978)  and Felipe Talo (Barcelona, 1979).

The exhibition is comprised of a documentation of what occurred in Berlin during the months of May and June, and a site specific proposal by each artist. Subject matters include  the identity with regard to fragmentation and the reconstruction of the individual in our society; the dehumanisation and the objectification of the person, placing him or her within a modern project in crisis; the reasons, and above all, the consequences of the different economic, social and spiritual crisis that is moving around Europe; the quotidian as a field for social action and the rumour as a creator of discourses; matter and the material itself as a tool to address vital processes and processes of change; the artist as a political individual and as a generator of new points of view. In short, it is about seeing the artist as an agent who is able to question dominant and pre-existent discourses, to put forth new discourses, issues, or action strategies that may create questions and emotions in the spectator.

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