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Orbital Projects V: Colonia

  • 23-August-201823/08/18
“Rust and Matter” is the result of the personal research that the artist Paco Guillén has been developing on the artistic processes of contemporary drawing.

The artist explores the impossibility of a static image that involves the mutation of physical and emotional geographies, the conceptual studies of lines and the levels of meaning about the form around new practices and strategies of drawing.

Guillen’s work confronts diverse media that dialogue with each other; video animation, mural drawing and drawings on different papers, all of them, flow about their abilities to generate new readings. Example of this is the piece Ruido en Blanco. In this individual presentation, the artist establishes a suggestive dialogue between video installation, drawing and mural painting, diverse tools to deliberate on issues with deep nuances. The mark left by the stroke of the drawing presents us a dark universe whose trace we must reveal, behind these black lines there is a cartography of desire and the behavior that introduces us to the texture of objects, to emptiness and to the darkness itself. The other way around, the video explores the movement in relation to the static, the noise, acoustic and visual transfers through a rain of abstract images generated by his drawings.

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