• 19 - 22 April 2018 | Brussels BE
  • Bernice Nauta. A sexual night - act I
  • Bernice Nauta. Schelm zelfportret I
  • Bernice Nauta, Schelm zelfportret II

Je est un autre

Bernice Nauta

Bernice Nauta’s works are relics from the stories of her protagonists. Figures like Schelm, Figure T, Skia, Benny Snouta and Positive Cowboy all have their own personality, biography and meaning.

By working from the points of view of these personalities, Nauta feels free to keep a kind of personal distance from the works she makes, whether they are paintings, drawings, sculptures, video’s or music. The different characters form a fictional autobiography. This autobiography is grounded in her idea that the subject (self) is unstable. She considers her mind as a place for countless heteronyms that have their own style and sometimes even have conflicting views.

In portraits and scenes, videos, fictional newspapers, sculptures and fabricated props she show glimpses of the characters, where the viewer is invited to construct and knit together the shattered story lines.

19 – 22 April 2018. Belgium


Art Viewer – Special Feature: Poppositions 2018 [23/04/2018]


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