Antonio Díaz Grande

Antonio Díaz Grande

Santander, Spain 1968
  • Abrazo (40 años antes), 2015
  • Rutina I (casa), 2011
  • Sobremesa, 2010
  • La trampa, 2007
  • El desacuerdo, 2009

Antonio Díaz Grande is a multidisciplinary artist who likes to mix different techniques and create pieces that are elaborated through a process of images, forms and ideas that relate to one another, creating a global discourse to the detriment of the isolated artwork. His work focuses mainly on the domestic space, its use and the characters that might transit through, intervene or create activity around it, modifying or bringing different kinds of meaning to it. In his projects he uses decorative elements from these kind of spaces, and furniture as a functional but also as a metaphorical object, used by people that are both main characters and furniture, figure and background, excuses to talk about gender and identity, and about the different relationships that are established through objects.

Antonio Díaz Grande lives and works in Santander, Spain. His work has been featured at international exhibitions and venues, such as Boghossian Foundation, Brussels (2014), Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Lisboa (2013), or the Instituto Cervantes New York and Warsaw (2013). Among his solo exhibitions the following stand out: M.U.S.E.A, (con Raúl Hevia),  Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Santander– MAS, Santander (2014), De color carne, JosédelaFuente (2012) and the solo project El día más feliz de mi vida, Cotauno, Artesantander (2008). His work has been presented in many art fairs, such as Estampa, Madrid (2012), SWAB, Barcelona (2012),  Arte Lisboa, Lisbon (2011), Just Madrid (2010), Espacio Atlántico, Vigo (2010), or Hot Art Fair, Basel (2009), among others.

Museo de mano. Makma

Cantabria exporta su arte plástico y audiovisual. Marta San Miguel, El Diario Montañés 24.01.2013


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