Miguel Ángel García

Miguel Ángel García

Madrid, Spain 1952
  • Green on white, 2012
  • High energy 9, 2012
  • Europa I, 2012
  • Europa II, 2012
  • Los Otros 9, 2013

Miguel Ángel García’s work is characterised by an intense research process as he
focuses on the reinterpretation of territory, gathering information on different visual layers as a synthesis and reflection on what each photograph shows and hides.

Miguel Ángel García lives and works in Santander, Cantabria (Spain). He was recently awarded by the Basu Foundation for the Arts a within the 9th Arte Laguna Prize (Venice). His work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions and events, such as MIA Fair, Milano (2015), Syngenta Photography Award (2015, 2014), ARCO Madrid (2014), PhotoEspaña, Madrid, (2014), AIPAD Photography Show, New York (2017, 2014, 2013), Paris Photo (2015, 2013, 2012), Expo Chicago (2013), Laurence Miller Gallery, New York (2017-2013), or the International Festival of Photography – Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2013) among others.

Un viaje hacia una India más moderna. Lola Gallardo – El Diario Montañés / Sotileza 07.04.2017 

París se deja retratar por un cántabro. Marta San Miguel, El Diario Montañés 18.11.2013

First United Stated one-man show by Spanish artist Miguel Ángel García opens at Laurence Miller Gallery. Art Daily 15.06.2013

Miguel Ángel García. Marta San Miguel, El Diario Montañés 10.05.2013

La photographie de votre (in)dépendance énergétique. Efficience21, nº6 2013

La dépendance enérgétique selon García. Liberation 17.11.2012

Mapas de recuerdos, ciudades de memoria. Guillermo Balbona, El Diario Montañés 01.03.2012

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