• 1-4 October | Barcelona
  • Casa explotando (Crisis de vivienda), 2015 (detalle/detail)
  • SOLO SWAB 2015
  • SOLO SWAB 2015

Solo Swab | booth SS5:


An archive is blown into pieces by the detonation of black powder and other explosives; a newspaper of any given day is displayed on the wall, everything is black, stains, printing errors, overlays of contents and moments; a geometry attempting to measure a land that is gone, occupied, the fields burnt; a grey wall from an unfinished, abandoned construction is covered with gunpowder, the house ready to explode.

JosédelaFuente features Abolition  by Arturo Hernández Alcázar (Mexico, 1978), a project which brings together a series of workswhose fundamental starting point is the opposition of forces, revealing accumulations that make all messages illegible and leaving  the form, Gestalt, in its most vulnerable point. While the current system consists of accumulating and producing capital, it is obvious that this period, this meaning and this very paradigm is collapsing. The exploitation and the plundering of all territories will only lead to its own decline. The works are, therefore, leftovers, partial results of a process of constant mutation-degradation. They are semicolons, crooked lines and traces of syntax left behind after the collisions that form us.

1-4th October 2015. Pabellón italiano (Z.6), Fira Barcelona. Barcelona | ES


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